I’ve purchased a few beautiful pieces from Lucky Little Queer. I first scored the “I Am Full of Anxiety Tee”. It’s such a cute minimalist-advocate fusion. I like to tie it up. I immediately ordered a mug when they became available again. KJ has such a unique style, and I love the convo starter when I have tea with someone. I usually get “that’s such a cute mug”, which turns into an in-depth convo about mental health. I love how their art provides that sort of affirmation/self-love/reduce stigma vibe. Love it! I ordered a custom portrait of my kitty and KJ’s attention to detail was amazing! They finished the piece quickly and the amount of thought and effort put into it is reflected in the amazing details. I looooove it so much!! Would highly recommend purchasing anything if you want to support a local artist that cares about giving a positive voice to your community. Their art really does start convos and bring people together. And it’s mega cute, too.


I ordered an "I am Full of Anxiety" shirt, a print, and a sticker from this shop. They sent me my shirt separately as they were changing printers. The shirt is very good quality and has survived multiple washes. When my print and sticker didn't arrive for a while, they had it bounce back to them and sent it again with an extra sticker! I love this shop, and highly recommend them for great customer service and great items!


I am so impressed with my products that I got from Lucky Little Queer. They made me a t-shirt that I wear so often "I had an abortion" as well as my print framed that I have beside my bed "My body my choice". I love them so much and show them to everyone who comes over. I encourage everyone to go to KJ for beautiful designs and amazing customer service. Both things were done so quickly and with such beauty and kindness. I wish everything in my home was made with this much love and consideration. I always recommend to my friends to come here. Keep up all the hard work and never stop!


We ordered several items from KJ's shop - my wife and I love the art style as well as the empowering and sincere messaging. I got the "I am full of anxiety" mug and shirt, Heidi got the "babes supporting babes" tote bag, and a "I will learn and grow" print. We received all items which looked great and were of great quality. Then, Heidi and I got married a few weeks ago and we approached KJ as we were planning our big night. We wanted a seating chart that would help guests find their tables and KJ's style resonated with us - the elegant florals, colours and their art style matched the feeling of our event. We were so busy planning and dealing with life that we didn't reach out very much. They understood and took the small amount of information we gave them and produced this amazingly beautiful and elegant "find your seat" chart. It is so perfectly us that the board is still sitting front and center in our living room. Huge thank you to KJ for helping to make our wedding perfect!!!


I walked past KJ's booth at an art fair we were both at and immediately knew I had to go take a look! Their art is amazing, I bought buttons and stickers which now live on my jacket and helmet! It was great to meet another queer artist and all their products and beautiful and relatable and all around super cool. 


Wow. I am so happy with my commissioned piece. I got a drawing for my partner for Valentine’s Day and I’m in love! So beautiful and KJ was so accommodating and kind. 12/10 would recommend. I am going to tell all my friends about the shop. So wonderful.


I loved my commissioned piece! KJ was so communicative throughout the whole process and captured my partner and me beautifully! I love KJ’s work and their message and will continue to support this lovely shop!


KJ is a talented, mindful and creative artist that I will time and time again support. I have bought quite a few things from them but my favourite was the digital portrait they did of me. I was impressed. Not only did they get it to me quickly, but they also asked for my opinion. ( including background colour, ideas and consent to share image on their platform since it contained nudity) They drew me in such a light that made me feel really beautiful and special. If your looking for someone authentic, genuine and passionate about their work, look no further!! They are super professional and affordable and work with you to chose what they think you’ll enjoy the most! Can’t say enough great things!


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